Our fascination with water is as wide as it is deep, and our relationship with it is evolving and paradoxical by nature. We seek out serene blue expanses for relaxation, yet climate related issues around water, be it too much or too little, cause anxiety.

Post-pandemic, the connection between mental health and nature has gained momentum. While much of the focus on wellbeing has highlighted green spaces, attention is turning to aquatic surroundings. Scientific exploration has unveiled benefits ranging from stress alleviation to reduced inflammation, all through the simple act of spending time near or in water.

A review published by the Environmental Agency found that blue spaces hold a more pronounced ability to elevate mood and improve feelings of rejuvenation compared to their green counterparts.

This year, we look to the allure of water to transform our homes. From tropical oceans to tranquil lakes and glistening waterfalls, dive in and experience the qualities of this life-giving source.

To capture the impression of water, we’ve created an immersive harmony of aquatic blues designed for rejuvenation and relaxation. Together, these hues connect us with the invigorating and transformative power of South Africa’s unique blue expanses.

A vibrant, crystal-clear turquoise blue for an invigorating and refreshed feel.

Bring the ocean into any space with this bold and captivating sea blue.

A gently shaded, pale blue-green to ground and highlight the fantasy sea blues.

Invigorating, vibrant and radiant, Caribbean Sea glistens when paired with its paler counterpart, Aqua Pura. The addition of bold North Beach completes this layered and immersive harmony of aquatic blues.

Aqua Pura, a gently shaded, pale blue-green, acts as the grounding force in the Blue Spaces collection. This serene hue highlights the fantasy sea blues, providing balance and sophistication. Its soft, subtle beauty adds a touch of elegance to your interiors while maintaining a connection to the soothing colors of the ocean.

North Beach, a bold and captivating sea blue, brings the essence of the ocean into your living space. This deep and enchanting shade evokes the powerful and mysterious depths of the sea. It’s perfect for those who seek to create a space that is both dramatic and calming, offering a sense of awe and tranquility.

Caribbean Sea is a vibrant, crystal-clear turquoise that instantly invigorates and refreshes any space. This captivating shade transports you to the stunning waters of the Caribbean, creating a sense of serenity and vitality in your home. Its bold and lively presence sets the tone for a cheerful and rejuvenating atmosphere.

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