Elevating Your Bathroom Experience

Join the debate: Bath or Shower?

The timeless debate between bath aficionados and shower enthusiasts has sparked discussions for generations. But what if your choice could go beyond personal preference and contribute to a sustainable future?

At Geberit, we're not just designing bathrooms; we're redefining the way you experience relaxation and functionality. Through our innovative approach, we merge cutting-edge designs with eco-conscious solutions, ensuring your comfort aligns with sustainability.

What sets us apart?

Geberit understands your desires and respects your choices. By prioritizing your needs, we've crafted a range of products that redefine luxury without compromising on efficiency.

The numbers speak: Shower efficiency

Let's delve into the statistics. Did you know that opting for a shower over a bath can save up to three times more water? With an average bathtub consuming 150 litres compared to a mere 50 litres in a five-minute shower, the choice becomes clear. By utilising water sparingly, you could further reduce consumption to just 30 litres per shower, all while maintaining comfort and cleanliness.

Economic wisdom: Showering sensibly

Beyond water conservation, showers offer a practical advantage: cost-effectiveness. A bath can be up to five times more expensive than a shower in terms of water and sewerage costs. With a short shower proving gentler on the skin and less taxing on your wallet, the benefits are undeniable.

Healthy skin, healthy habits

Consider this: a short shower not only saves resources but also promotes healthier skin. Unlike prolonged baths that may strip the skin of essential oils, a quick shower preserves your skin's natural balance. With the right care, you can enjoy daily showers without sacrificing your skin's well-being.

Embrace moderation

In essence, our message is simple: moderation is key. While the occasional indulgence in a luxurious bath is a treat, embracing the efficiency of showers can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on comfort.

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